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Author : Editorial  |       .
Posted on : Thursday, July 03, 2014      Read More
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In the war of Arabs and Americans, the Afghans – whether living in Afghanistan or Pakistan – are the worst victims. In the war of the then USSR and the US, millions of Afghans were killed or made amputees, and millions more made refugees. But in the wake of 9/11 attacks – where none of the hijackers was an Afghan or tribesman – millions have been made IDPs (Internally Disgraced Persons would be more fitting word for them instead of Internally Displaced Persons). For protesting in the Jalozai refugee camp they were killed by security forces to silence their grudge against the suppressive military establishment inside the camp. Each and every IDP family has a different story of grief and gloom. Thousands of houses have been reduced to rubbles by Pakistan’s security forces in the tribal belt in its so-called war on militancy. All the military operations launched by Pakistan army have proved just token steps as their operations have been selective. Killing some and sparing some will never weed out militants. Pakistan’s military and media project that the military offensive in Swat was a success, but ask the residents of Swat and you will get a different narrative as Malala Yousafzai was shot by Taliban insurgents after the military operation and repatriation of the IDPs. There have been suicide blasts and terror incidents still in Swat.

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