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Author : Editorial  |       .
Posted on : Wednesday, July 02, 2014      Read More
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Terrorism is spreading like a fatal virus across the already threatened globe, but developed countries who engineered the war-on terror policy have completely been befuddled ?how to tackle this menace which has periled lives of developing nations. Hundreds of people are being killed on daily in the Muslim world as if they are hoi polloi. The US is acting in the ongoing war on terrorism as commander-in-chief of the Global North—mostly NATO member countries— while invading the South which comprises of the countries that are making strenuous efforts to reach prosperity and development, but face numerous challenges including unavailability of state-of-the-art technology. Multinational companies that are thriving in the west and the US are reluctant to transfer their technologies but pressurizing their government for markets to sell their products. Terrorism is just one tool in this great business game that has disturbed the world order and many neighboring countries are at daggers drawn to smother each other and maintain sovereignty. The most affected continents are Asia and Africa as many countries in the two continents are depending on foreign donations and support on war on terror. Though, the United States has military bases in many of Asian and African countries but terrorism is taking deep roots and becoming more plaguing instead of vanishing.

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