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Author : Afganistan Times  |       .
Posted on : Thursday, June 26, 2014      Read More
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Teachers in our society - plagued by internal bickering, political instability, terror and insurgency - are considered to be highly non-political, as they have nothing to do with politics but to educate children of the nation. Then why to kidnap them? Militants need to see at what they have been doing in the recent years - abducting teachers. Kidnapping them causes no service, but adds too much to the already spreading abhorrence against militants among Afghan citizens. Militants kidnapped as many as 25 lectures of the Kandahar University in eastern Ghazni province - a province touted as the center of Islamic civilization. Or it is the power of education that the militants are afraid of the most. He who opens the door of a school, closes the door of a prison. Or he who opens a school, saves a young budding brain from becoming militant, and eventually serves a greatest cause - the end of recruits to insurgents. Since education is the kindling of a flame, the flame that has the capacity to end the thickest darkness of ignorance and retrogression, the enemies of light and agents of darkness will never want this flame lit. Besides, education is an attempt for fixing oneself first and then fixing the society, and insurgents don’t want our society fixed because violence breeds in violence.

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